Personal interpretations


One of the pieces of artwork I saw at the Kinetica Artfair was a piece by The Trope Troupe and Denzil Everett.

About their piece: ‘Departures 4.01’: This screen-based ‘travel information system’ seems like a twisted admonition to ‘behave’ ourselves on holiday. It is however, in reality, a shocking reminder that around the world so many gay people’s sexuality is still criminalised.

This artwork in particular stood out to me as it had a very strong message behind it. Being able to connect and empathise with a piece of art is very important to me. The visual representation of this piece connecting to issues about homosexuality and death really interested me as in this country homosexuality is mostly accepted and normal but this art really brought to life the clear differences between ours and other countries mentalities.

UH Exhibition…

At the UH exhibition the piece of work that stood out to me the most was

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